Cat on the white chair

Nurul Ain Binti Nor Halim
9th March 2023

My cat lies on a white chair.
The chair is on the balcony upstairs.
Everyday he eats his breakfast, goes up the stairs, gets on the white chair and lies there.
It seems like he was just taking his naps like a normal cat.
Today I saw the white chair.
My cat is there as usual.
But he is not sleeping. He is speaking
I approach him and sit next to him on the white chair.
My cat continued his monologue, ignoring me.
I look at what he is speaking to.

It is a bird.

I look at him with a disappointed face. Perhaps I was expecting more.

It is mesmerizing to see how big and round his eyes are.
I wondered when was the last time I was captivated by something.

I sit next to my cat on the white chair, birdwatching as my cat continues his monologue.