Four dreams about animals

Yanbing Wu
6th October 2022

1. These two cats have been hiding under my mattress for some time.

One black and one gray, now lounging at my pillow, waiting for the sun to cover their bodies.

I wonder how long they would have stayed there if I hadn’t found them while changing the bed sheets.

2. Only tables and no chairs.

“ I’m sorry I always get the toilet dirty when I go to the bathroom.”
I thought as I stood in the hallway, at the end of which there was a balcony and three rooms, through which figures dressed in brown weaved.
All the cats died and were placed in two transparent plastic boxes, which I kept filling with water to see if they were really not breathing. Water slowly over their bodies, a kitten suddenly began to breathe, his paws grabbed my hand, I picked him up and held him in my arms.

3. A puppy left on the balcony for the night.

4. There are three tigers in the neighbor’s yard.

One, two, three,
Walking around.