The green grass

Nurul Ain Binti Nor Halim
23rd March 2023

The green grass

Rustling of the wind against the leaves,
The birds are singing and harmonizing to each other,
Wheezing of the mosquitoes and flies,
Rustling of the leaves-
Sshk, sshk, sshk
Huh, another rustling noise?
I turned to see the origin of the noise.


It turned out to be my orange cat messing around in a mountain of leaves.

"Get out of there.

I just gave you a bath, now you're gonna smell like dirt"

My cat turned around and looked at me for a good minute.

Sshk, sshk, sshk
After all that tension, my cat went back to continue his destruction of the mountain of dead leaves.
I sighed as I watched my orange cat being silly.

I looked back to the sky, to continue where I left my thoughts.
Pretending to be someone or something I’m clearly not.
Don't we all wish to be somewhere else?

The sun shines so brightly yet softly warms the skins.
The wind blows gently to the skin.
The air- truthfully, it’s heavy and humid… every breath I take, it’s dense for my lungs.
I've breathed in fresher air but this is good enough.

Ahem, anyway.
Where was I?
I daydream so much.
I once thought of being a rock, sitting still embraced by the touch of moss and ants crawling around me.
Or a hunter that could see the hidden souls and essences of the living.
Even a white deer that hides itself in fear of the cruelty of humans once.

I daydream too much.

And in the end I always give up.